Southern Indiana Propane, Inc.
A Division of Ackerman Oil Company, Inc.  
Corporate Office
2060 S. Lube Way
PO Box 806
Jasper, Indiana 47546

Phone: (812) 482-5341
Toll Free: (800) 482-5341
Fax: (812) 482-6676

Become a Customer

To discuss your needs, we would like to have the opportunity for our propane professional to visit your home or business.

Doing so allows us to identify the BTU demand of all current and planned appliances to properly size and recommend a propane system for your needs. This is also a good chance to explore options for tank type, (above ground or under ground), and location and trenching required. To aid our discussion, we would appreciate the following information:

Your Name: Spouse:
City: State:
Phone: E-mail Address:
Currently use propane? Yes   No
Switching from another fuel? No   Oil   Electric   Geothermal
New construction? Yes   No
Appliances using propane: Furnace or Boiler   Cook Stove   Water Heater
Clothes Dryer   Grill   Log Starter/Gas Log
Pool Heater   Space Heater   Generator
Best time to call:

Fax to (812) 482-6676 Or Call (800) 482-5341