Southern Indiana Propane

   A Division of Ackerman Oil Company, Inc

Corporate Office
2060 S. Lube Way
PO Box 806
Jasper, Indiana 47546

Phone: (812) 482-5341
Toll Free: (800) 482-5341
Fax: (812) 482-6676

Filtered HD-5 Propane

Filters Southern Indiana Propane purchases only HD-5 Propane, the best grade available. To provide an extra level of quality assurance to our customers, we filter every gallon. The use of filtration at all transfer points polishes the propane to remove any impurities that may have been picked up in the transportation of the product from its source to the bulk storage tanks of Southern Indiana Propane. As a leader in safety and quality, we believe that it is important to do all we can to supply our customers with the most reliable and cleanest form of energy, then filter it to provide many years of trouble free operations.

We strive to bring our customers peace of mind through the best safety practices in our marketing area and the delivery of the cleanest and best fuel we can provide. Others may occasionally have a cheaper price, but are you also receiving a cheaper product that burns less efficiently and leaves deposits in your propane equipment that shortens its life? Our attention to quality helps to provide the safest environment for cooks and the food they are preparing by reducing the potential for impurities in the vapors of combustion. Southern Indiana Propane won't take shortcuts with your safety or the quality of the propane that we provide.

For more information, please call and ask to speak to a propane professional.

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