Southern Indiana Propane

   A Division of Ackerman Oil Company, Inc

Corporate Office
2060 S. Lube Way
PO Box 806
Jasper, Indiana 47546

Phone: (812) 482-5341
Toll Free: (800) 482-5341
Fax: (812) 482-6676

Residential Homes

Propane Stove When you choose our company to be your propane dealer, you not only receive a great product at a competitive price, you also get the benefit of our employee's many years of experience in keeping your family comfortable, safe, and warm. Our employees receive training on a regular basis to be sure that we meet or exceed industry standards.

Our competitive annual service agreement includes costs to furnish and maintain the propane tank and stage one regulator, as well as provide periodic service and inspection of critical system components.

Propane is commonly used to heat our homes and the versatility of propane makes it the preferred energy source for so many other things that make our life comfortable. Grills, cook stoves, clothes dryer, pool heater, gas log, portable space heaters, and even standby generators that keep the lights on when the power grid lets us down.

Southern Indiana Propane offers many options for storage of propane at customer locations:

  • 100# Cylinders for ancillary devices such as cook stoves
  • Above ground bulk tanks - 250 gal - 500 gal - 1000 gal
  • Under ground bulk tanks - 325 gal - 500 gal - 1000 gal
  • Custom trenching to allow tanks to be placed away from the home

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